October 22, 2014

How to Fix Youtube Slow Buffering

I noticed a while back that YouTube went from fine to slower than dialup loading at any resolution overnight. I have a fast DSL connection through AT&T, so this was ridiculous.

The Google tech support were shockingly useless, but after a lot of searching and failed tweaks, I finally found one that worked, rather miraculously for how simple it is. My video speed is back up to easily playing in HD.

No guarantee this works for everyone, but for me it seems the problem was that some of the servers between me and YouTube were deciding that YouTube was extremely low priority traffic. I admit, I see conspiracy around every corner, but this looks like some kind of bandwidth throttling agenda at this point. So here’s the plan: We tell the computer to go around those servers and find another route. Even if it wouldn’t seem like the quickest path, a slightly slower connection at high priority will make a huge difference.

So here’s what to do in Windows:

Hit the Start menu and go to Control Panel and open Windows Firewall (it may be in the security section depending on your Control Panel layout).

Click Advanced Settings and then Inbound Rules.

Click New Rule, then the radio button for Custom and click Next.

All Programs. Next

Any Protocol. Next

Any Ip in Local, under Remote IP addresses, click These IP Addresses.

In the popup, select This IP Address Range.

Under From, enter

Under To, enter

Click Ok, then click Add again, These IP Addresses, Ip Address Range.

Under From:

Under To:

Click Ok, Then Next.

Select Block the Connection.

Next, Leave all boxes checked and Next.

Come up with a name that will remind you that you added this to speed up YouTube, and click Finish.

This oughtta do it. This change shouldn’t break anything, but if you notice some other site doesn’t work right all of a sudden, you can just go back to your firewall advanced tab, click the rule, and click Disable Rule. If you are decent with computers, you can probably figure out how to make this fix work  on other Operating Systems, or even on your router, which would fix it for the whole house.

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